This information is for students who will be applying to extend their Tier 4 visa. When to extend

This article explains what to do if your visa/BRP card or passport has been lost or stolen. We

This article explains the advice and support services available for International and EU students.

This article explains GOAL Awards and how to check your eligibility. Global Outreach Access to

This article provides information regarding specific funding for disabled students. Disabled

Guidance on Medical/Diagnostic Evidence The Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC)

Disabled students- How to be proactive before you start your course. Obtain suitable evidence of

Check List for students with additional learning needs The following checklists will help when

We appreciate that the United Kingdom’s expected departure from the European Union on 29 March

This article explains how to reserve an item from the Library. You can reserve items that are on

This article will inform you about the Student Finance Centre at the University of Portsmouth. The

This article details the processes for booking tickets to Graduation in 2019. When can I book

This article provides details about obtaining parchments at the 2019 Graduation ceremonies. When do

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to connect securely to the University network to...

This article provides instructions on how to connect a Mac to the University's wireless eduroam

This article provides details about financial matters for Graduation 2019. I have an outstanding

This article provides details about accommodation for Graduation 2019. If you or your guests...

This article provides details about via requirements for Graduation 2019. How can I request a visa

This article explains dates for departmental graduation ceremonies. For the most up-to-date...

USE OF YOUR DATA AND DATA PROTECTION Student data Students and guests should be aware that the

There are currently two possible scenarios for the participation of the UK in Erasmus+ until 2020,

If you wish to connect to the N: or K: drive when off campus, you will need to set up and connect...

The web proxy allows you to browse the Internet as if you were on campus, giving you easy access to

This article contains instructions for configuring the web proxy using the Internet Explorer...