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This article will let you know who to contact should you have a maintenance issue or need something

This article explains how to contact Safer Students (PC Dave Fairbrother). Mobile phone: +44...

National Student Survey 2019 Opens 21 January The National Student Survey (NSS) is carried out each

This article provides information about the support services available to students during their...

This article explains who the halls Residence Life team are, what they do and how you can contact

This article explains how you can claim on insurance. Check you are insured Before you can claim

This article explains where the nearest vending machines are to your location. The University has

This article provides information for students who are thinking about bringing their car to

This article will provide advice on living with others in halls. At halls of residence we know that

This article explains what hate crime is and how to report it. What is hate crime? Hate crimes are

This article will give you information on where you can locate a vacuum cleaner (hoover).

This article will explain what you should do if you are not happy in halls and are considering

This article will explain what you should do if you are considering leaving halls before the end of

The UK University's Student Code protects students' rights to safe, good quality accommodation,

This article will explain the payment for damages at halls of residence. The University will pass...

This article contains information about moving into halls of residence. When you move in If you are

This article will provide information on inventories in UoP owned halls of residence. If you live...

This article will explain who is responsible for cleaning your living space in Halls of Residence.

This article will inform you how to complain about your Halls of Residence if you have a problem.

This page will explain where bikes can be locked and safely stored in halls of residence. Each hall

This article will give information about guests eating at catered/part catered halls of residence.

This article will give you more information on how and where to collect your post in halls of

This article will give more information about leaving halls of residence earlier than your contract

This article will give more information on having a personal fridge in a Halls of Residence room.

This article explains about moving into halls on arrivals weekend. If you are not moving in during