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The configuration of Linux can be difficult, as different Linux distributions do things in...

The Service Desk The Service Desk provides a single point of contact for all IT related problems...

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft and will be found on the majority of the

Two methods can be used to connect to the VPN. The native client or an app downloaded from the

WebEx Overview WebEx can be used for conference audio/video calls. You can schedule meetings ahead

WebEx will start in the default view but you can choose classic view also. Both variations are

For replacement University cards, go to the Online store: Online store The fee for replacing a lost

You can connect to eduroam at any other participating locations - it is a good idea to get...

These instructions detail how to connect to the University VPN and have been tested on a Windows 10

Work Anywhere When working away from the University campus staff and students can access their N &...

Configure VPN To configure the VPN on your iPad or iPhone, 1. Select Settings from the Home screen

Work Anywhere When working away from the University campus staff and students can access their N &...

The Large Format Scanning Service is based in the Map Library on the 1st floor of the University

As technology develops, new risks and security issues also develop and policies and procedures must

This page assumes you have decided to use EndNote as a tool to manage your references. If you have

Upgrade from version 4.0.8-4 to 4.1.5 - Monday 3rd December On 3rd of December, a new version of...

Your N drive where files can be saved when using University computers and storage capacity quotas.

These instructions were written using a Windows Mobile 7 HTC Mozart T8698 running Windows 7.0390.

Following these instructions you can restore accidentally deleted or saved over files. The...

This articles contains basic guidance on using the PCs in the open access areas including logging

Support for ICJS Distance Learning Students This article provides IT information for ICJS Distance

The University has subscribed to Gartner for Students, Research and Teaching Staff and Professional

This article will help you choose which Internet browser to use, e.g. Internet Explorer, for the

The following instructions were produced using Windows 10 and Mac OSX Mavericks. Microsoft Windows

Instructions Only If you are in a location without wireless internet access you may still be able...