This article contains information for University staff only.

This article contains information about Short IT Training Sessions run by the IT Training team. The aim of a Short IT Session is that it focuses on a specific topic and lasts up to one and a half hours. 

Current Sessions:

These sessions are scheduled at the moment, if you are interested in booking please check the IT Training Schedule.

*We run Microsoft Sessions using Office 2013, these sessions would be suitable for Office 2010 users as there are no significant differences

Application Title Description
G Suite (Google Apps for Education)

Google Sheets

Most short sessions are 1-1.5 hours, this is likely to be a 3 hour session 

Use spreadsheets in the cloud, aimed at existing users of Excel (beginner to intermediate level), transfer skills, functionality and get familiar with sheets features

Creating spreadsheets - naming, copying, moving and importing

Editing spreadsheets - inserting columns and rows, autofill, working with multiple sheets

Viewing and printing sheets, freeze pains and view menu

Formatting -  format data, conditional formatting

Using data - quick sum, charts, filters, pivot tables

Collaboration - sharing, revision history, commenting

Adobe Acrobat Professional Getting started with Acrobat

Adobe Pro screen, toolbars and navigating a document

Creating PDFs from MS Word and within Pro

Making basic edits to PDF content and working with text

Combining and rearranging PDFs

Microsoft Excel

Using Pivot Tables

Make the most of your data by manipulating it to easily show patterns & trends

Report & summarise data using a pivot table

Filter and Group selected data on a pivot table

Create Pivot Charts

Microsoft Excel Using Microsoft Excel as a Database Data forms for entering information

Sorting & Filtering

Queries using 'Advanced Filtering'

Word 2010* Create and Modify Styles Applying paragraph styles to organise your document.

Applying and customising of built-in document styles and the combined use and benefits of these.

Microsoft Excel MS - Excel Basic Formulas and Function

Use the different maths operators

Explain the hierarchy of operations

Build simple and complex formula

Use absolute and relative referencing

Use autofill

Use the insert function command and build function arguments

Past Sessions:

These are sessions we have run previously, if you would like one of these to be scheduled again then please let us know

Application Title Description
Microsoft Excel Excel Macros

Create Macros

Run Macros

Make Minor Changes to Macros using the Visual Basic Editor

Save a Macro to your Personal Macro Workbook

Assign a button to your Macro

Add a Macro to a Custom Group

Spreadsheets - Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets Conditional Formatting in Spreadsheets Highlight the key data in a spreadsheet using Conditional Formatting

Highlight information in a spreadsheet based on its value

Create a conditional format

Manage and apply conditional formatting rules

Change a conditional formatting rules

Microsoft Word  Tables in Microsoft Word Inserting tables

Exploring the design and formatting

Integrating Excel into a Word document

Microsoft Word Working with Headers, Footers and Sections   Add headers and footers

Insert sections breaks

Change headers and footers on different sections, use portrait and landscape views
Microsoft Word  Graphics and Images in Microsoft Word

Use images in documents to enhance its appearance and highlight information.

Insert & position graphics

Resize, group & rotate graphics

Position & anchor graphics

Wrap text around graphics
Microsoft Word Mail Merge

Create a set of documents that are essentially the same, but where each document contains unique elements.

We will be using data that is stored via:

  • A Word Table
  • An Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft Word 

Word Templates and Forms

Learn how to save a template

Add content controls to help create a form

Learn how to protect a document for distribution

General IT

Working Smarter With IT

(previously run as IT Anywhere, Anytime, Just in Time)

Ideas for accessing information, using various  tools and resources to use IT more easily and intuitively

How IT is changing imminently and in the future

Microsoft Word 

Revise Documents With Track Changes

Provide a functional understanding of track changes in Word

Work on a document with multiple reviewers,

Accept and Reject Change

Google Calendar Google Calendar Appointment Slots 

Learn how appointment slots can be utilised

Learn to create appointment slots in your calendar

See how a user can book an appointment slot


EDM Unleased

Tips and Techniques for Regular Users

Demonstrates a range of tips and techniques to help users get the most from the EDM system

Future Sessions:

These are ideas for sessions we can potentially develop, if you would like any of these then please let us know and we will prioritise them

Application Title Description


Nexus Mobile Device Hints and Tips

The Nexus range, benefits, how to purchase

Setup instructions, mail & calendar, contacts, the main apps

Added functionality, hints and tips

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