This article contains information for University staff only.


This article contains resources designed to assist you in the use of AV equipment found in the IS Managed Teaching Spaces as well as information on instructor led training. These resources include instructions on the control systems, visualisers, troubleshooting and fault reporting. 

For more information on the equipment, capacity and availability of IS managed teaching rooms visit the University Teaching Rooms webpage.

Instructor led training

IS run a brief session for staff who are new to using the AV equipment in the IS Managed Teaching Spaces. The session will include an opportunity for participants to gain some hands on experience of the equipment.

We are not currently scheduling regular sessions. However, if you would like to attend a session please email  with your interest. 

If you have any special requirements associated with your attendance at this event, please contact IT Training as soon as possible so we can make appropriate arrangements.

Troubleshooting, support & fault reporting

To assist you with some of the problems you may experience whilst using the AV Equipment located in the IS Managed Teaching Spaces, we have produced a short troubleshooting guide and the guides below.

Using Microphones in University Teaching Rooms

Troubleshooting Sound in University Teaching Rooms

If you are unable to resolve your issue using the troubleshooting guide, please contact the IS Service Desk to report faults or request support:






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