This article contains information on topping up your printing account credit as well as information on refunds.

To enable you to print from the University computers, you have been supplied with a printing account. Your account is debited every time you print a page. Your printing account will be credited with £10 when you first enrol at the University, and then before the start of each academic year, a further cash amount of £10 is added to your account.


Please be aware that the University does not refund any unused print credit. Please ensure that you only top up your printing account with the required credit, especially towards the end of your course.

On sending your print, you will get a pop up telling you how much your print will cost. You will not be charged for your print until you swipe your card at the printer, therefore allowing you to top up your account accordingly, so there is no need to accumulate credit on your account.


Topping up your printing account

On line

When you run out of credit you can add more to your account by visiting You will receive a confirmation email which you need to keep as proof of purchase in case of any issues.


Cash payments can be made at the green cash kiosks, close to the printers in the Library Open Access IT Suite.

Print Credit Code

Sometimes credit codes can be distributed either by your department or as a promotion. To use the code:

1. Log in to

2. Select 'redeem card'

3. Enter the code.

Transaction History

View and export your 'Transaction History' from Please note that you need to click 'remove' next to 'filter' to get your full history listing.


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