This article provides information on connecting to eduroam for members of other institutions visiting the University of Portsmouth.

Members of other institutions visiting the University of Portsmouth

Any visitors to the University of Portsmouth, wishing to use the eduroam wireless network, will need a username and password from their home institution.

It is recommended that they connect to eduroam before arriving at the University of Portsmouth, with any support queries being directed to their home institution.

Eduroam is available anywhere on the University campus.

External visitors to the University

Eduroam users

External visitors to the University who use eduroam at their home institution can connect to eduroam in the same way as home users, if necessary they can use instructions on the wireless pages.

Visitors' eduroam is not proxied. 

Eduroam UK Policy

University of Portsmouth ICT Acceptable Use Policy 

Non eduroam users 

The University of Portsmouth does have a guest network, UOP GUEST. The purpose of this network is to provide high quality wi-fi access for things like conferences and open days. It does not provide access University resources such as Intranet and internal applications

If a non eduroam using visitor needs full access the wireless network should apply for a temporary account via their University contact.

Please note that advance notice is needed for any requests. See this article for requesting a temporary computer account.  

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