This article contains information for University staff only.

This article explains how members of staff can get access to University IT services from a personal device (e.g. Windows PC, Mac, tablet, Smart Phone) when working away from the University campus.

University staff can continue to access key IT services when working away from the University campus and using their personal devices.

Note: Staff using their own devices to access University IT systems and data should review the Information Security advisory on Securing Personally Owned Devices

Some University IT services can be accessed when away from the University without the need for additional software.

VPN*software provides a secure network connection from the device to the University campus network using an internet connection for IT services which would otherwise require the user to be on-campus.

The University recommends complying with the local law when accessing services outside of the United Kingdom.

This table indicates the requirements for accessing University IT systems:

Service Type


Work Anywhere Access

University Mail and Calendar

Google Mail

Google Calendar

Web-based **

Corporate systems

via installed application (e.g. Student Records, EDM)

Not supported

via web-clients through a browser


University Web sites


websites normally only accessible when on campus



Shared Storage

Google Drive

Web-based **

N, K and other shared drives

VPN + mapping (see articles below)

Software installation


Not Supported

Other University systems will typically be accessible through the use of VPN.

Service-specific solutions:

Service Type


Work Anywhere Access

Corporate system


Objective Executive   - Web-based **


These IT Help articles provide instruction for installing VPN software:

N and K Drive mapping

Web-based services

These articles provide information about some of the web-based University services:

Web Proxy

A web proxy allows you to browse the Internet as if you were on campus, giving you easy access to online web resources.

Web proxy is no longer the recommended Work Anywhere solution for accessing websites as if you are on campus - Virtual Private Networking (VPN) provides a more comprehensive solution for remote access to University systems and websites (see above).

If you are unable to install VPN on the machine you are using the articles below explain how to setup Web Proxy for your prefered browser:

* Virtual Private Network

** Web-based applications can be used from any device with internet access via any internet connection and do not require a VPN connection.

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