This article will explain the route to guildhall campus by car.

Take the M275 into Portsmouth (signed 'Portsmouth West') whether approaching from the east (A3(M)/A27) or the west (M27 Junction 12). N.B. if approaching from A3(M)/A27 ignore junctions signed to Southsea and Hilsea.

From the end of the M275, follow signs for 'Historic Waterfront/Seafront'. This takes you across three roundabouts to traffic lights by Unicorn Gate (entrance to the naval dockyard).

These are the traffic lights at the top of the Guildhall Campus map - the route taken from here depends on your destination. 

Some important things to know include: 

  • The University offers a measure of car parking provision as far as its land capacity allows.
  • New Government legislation came into force on 1 October 2012 which prohibited any vehicle being clamped on Private Land. As a result, the University looked at alternative enforcement options which would prevent cars being parked illegally in University car parks. To that end, Portsmouth City Council has been contracted to provide Traffic Enforcement and to ensure that vehicles parked on University land adhere to the University's parking regulations.
  • Anyone parking on University premises needs to abide by the University’s car parking regulations. 
  • Anyone not displaying a valid permit/scratch card, or who has parked illegally, or who has parked in breach of the University’s regulations, will be issued with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN), payable to Portsmouth City Council.
  • Anyone wishing to appeal against a PCN would need to do so direct with Portsmouth City Council – it is not a matter for the University.
  • It is important to understand that possession of a car parking permit does not guarantee an available parking space.

To find more information on permits, spaces, car sharing and the regulations associated with car parking, see the Car Parking Policy.

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