This article provides information for students who are thinking about bringing their car to Portsmouth.

Parking is a big issue in the city with full time residents and it is often difficult to find enough spaces for all the cars wanting to park! This often causes problems with local residents. Many areas are now permit parking only. In order to get a permit Portsmouth City Council specify the car needs to be registered at a Portsmouth address on the DVLA records.

We cannot stop students who are living in the private sector from bringing a car – however, we actively encourage that students don’t bring one if possible, as parking is limited or there are residential permits in places. It’s not worth using your car to get into university each day, as you will struggle to find parking nearby, and it can be very costly.

As well as this, when traffic is bad, it is quicker to walk or cycle into the city centre as Southsea/Portsmouth is only about 5 miles across at its widest length and most accommodation is only about 15 – 30 minutes’ walk from the Guildhall University Campus. As well as this, the free University Bus generally stops at most popular student living areas, and if not, public transport is easily accessible and affordable.

If you are living in halls please read this article on parking in halls.

If you are eligible to apply for a University permit please note that all permits issued are covered by the University’s parking policy and regulations and will be enforced by the Car Parking Office.

Further information can be found at hereFind out more about Portsmouth City Council parking regulations here.

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