This article explains the role of wellbeing advisers in the Student Wellbeing Service.

The Student Wellbeing Service offers confidential help with a wide range of personal and emotional concerns and is available to every student at the University, free of charge. All kinds of students find their way to us from all over the University and for all sorts of reasons.

The service has three strands: wellbeing advice, counselling, and mental health advice. They are all linked together so when you apply you only have to approach us once – we will sort out which one is most likely to meet your needs.

Wellbeing Advice

Student Wellbeing Advisers can work flexibly and informally to help you find ways to stay well and cope with the stresses and strains of life.

A Wellbeing Adviser will listen to your concerns and can:

  • provide advice and signposting
  • offer practical and personal support
  • work with you to identify solutions to potential problems
  • help you learn ways to manage your emotions and build resilience
  • encourage and support you to make positive changes in your life

Advice sessions

Brief advice sessions are held daily at lunchtimes in the Nuffield Centre and other locations on campus. They are bookable on the day on a first come, first served basis. To book and get details of current times, please ask at the Nuffield Centre reception or call +44 (0)23 9284 3157.

Additionally, each Monday in term time there are three Advice Sessions in Eldon Building specifically for CCi students. They can be booked from Monday - Friday and operate on a first come first served basis. Once booked you will be offered the next available Advice Session. These sessions are booked through contacting the Student Wellbeing Service (not CCi).

What’sUp app

The Wellbeing Advisers also offer support via the What’sUp app - a wellbeing self help and emotional support app for University of Portsmouth students. Find out more in our article about online resources.

Wellbeing Café

The Wellbeing Cafe is a friendly weekly meeting place with a rolling programme of talks and activities offering an opportunity to meet up with other students interested in personal development and supporting their own wellbeing at University. It is run jointly by the Wellbeing Society and the Student Wellbeing Service, and a wellbeing adviser is always present. Just turn up at Cafe Coco every Wednesday in term time between 4.00pm and 5.30pm. Or if you like, the wellbeing adviser can arrange to meet up with you beforehand, to go over together - just ring the Student Wellbeing Service administrator to request this, on +44(0)23 9284 3157.

Making an appointment

You can also register with the Student Wellbeing Service for a formal appointment. Please read this article on how to access support from the Student Wellbeing Service and complete the online registration form. The information is entered on a secure, separate server and is confidential to the Student Wellbeing Service.


University of Portsmouth Student Wellbeing Service:




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