This article provides information about the support services available to students during their stay in halls.

The Residence Life Team are responsible for the day-to-day management of welfare and pastoral concerns of residents within all our Halls of Residence. Freshers living in private housing can also access our services at Guildhall Halls.

The Residence Life Team provide welfare cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week for every week of your stay. All conversations are completely confidential. The The Residence Life Team will not act upon a matter unless you want them to. For more information on The Residence Life Team and how to contact them, please see this article.

Residence Life Assistants (RLA) :
You can also speak to a Residence Life Assistants (RLA). Residence Life Assistants are students who have experienced their first-year in halls so they have the knowledge and experience to help.

Residence Life Assistants have been trained to assist with all types of issues and they will be happy to help you. RLAs are not members of staff but fellow students who can always be relied upon to be a friendly port of call. Please ask your Hall reception how to contact your RLA.

University Security Team:
The University employs a team of qualified security guards to help preserve a productive study environment and protect the University buildings and equipment. You will recognise the University Security Team as they wear a uniform and carry ID.

The University Security Team are responsible for:

Patrolling Halls to help ensure safety and security of residents, buildings and their contents.
Assisting in the maintenance of the study environment, including monitoring noise levels.
Assisting residents with problems out of working hours.
Putting residents in contact with any support service they may need.
Reacting to and dealing with emergency situations such as fire alarms.
Please help the University Security Team by following their requests and instructions. This helps them do their job and makes your Hall a safer and more comfortable place to stay.

Contact the University Security team:
For general assistance, please contact:
T: +44 (0)23 9284 3418 (calling from your mobile phone)

For emergencies, please contact:
T:+44 (0)23 9284 3333 (calling from your mobile phone)

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