This article explains how often you will be contacted by the Student Opinion Panel, the benefits of taking part and information on prize draws.

Frequency of contact

Student Opinion Panel members will be contacted on an ad hoc basis throughout the academic year depending on research requirements (usually no more than five or six times per term).

Benefits of taking part

We offer incentives for all participants in our focus groups, usually in the form of retail or supermarket vouchers.

Participating in our surveys or hot topics will make you eligible to enter our prize draws, again our prizes are usually in the form of retail or supermarket vouchers.

By volunteering for the University of Portsmouth Student Opinion Panel you will also be doing something valuable for the University community. As a member, you will help us enhance and improve University of Portsmouth service provision.

As a reminder, members are not obliged to take part in any activity undertaken by the Student Opinion Panel. Participation is voluntary at all times – there is no obligation whatsoever to participate in any research topic.

Prize draw conditions

Instructions on how to enter a prize draw will be given within the email and/or survey to all panel members who are invited to participate in any survey or hot topic. All entrants into prize draws have to complete the questionnaire/hot topic for which the prize draw applies. Panelists that are invited to the questionnaire but do not complete it will not be entered into the prize draw.

The prizes to be won and the deadline for entering will be declared within the email of invitation to the survey. There will be no cash alternative to the prizes.

Winners will be selected by a random draw from all eligible entries. There will be only one entry per participant.

Winners will be notified by email within 14 days of the draw. The winners will have 28 days from notification to accept the prize by replying to the notification email.

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