This article will explain how staff can get temporary admin rights for PCs or laptops running Windows 10. Admin rights will last 1 hour and will allow users to:

  • Install peripherals e.g printer or headset
  • Install or update software
  • Install/update software or a peripheral
Please note: users must be on campus or logged in via the University Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the following process to work.

Requesting temporary access rights

  1. Open the Request Admin Rights form on the Self Service Portal.
  2. Complete the form, you will be required to answer the following questions:
    • Select the type of admin rights you need.
    • The reason why you need the Admin Rights. The options are to Install a peripheral, Install or update Software or Install/update software and peripheral.
    • Depending on your answers you may be asked to provide a reason for the installation and to confirm that you will adhere to any Terms and Conditions associated with the product.

You will be notified that you have raised a request on the Self Service Portal and by email.

Implementing temporary access rights

  1. Once you receive a Resolved email you will have been grated temporary admin rights for Windows 10.
  2. Open AppsAnywhere either by clicking the link in the email or selecting the AppsAnywhere Icon on your desktop
  3. In the right search box type in the following search term Temporary Admin Rights when the service appears, select Launch.
  4. The Cloudpaging Player should become the active window, select Temporary Admin Rights and select Launch.
  5. The following message will appear (it may take a minute or so to appear), the message will inform you that admin rights have been authorised.
  6. A clock icon will also appear on the task bar, this displays a message informing you how much admin time is left.
    Please note if you close this message the admin time will end.

Installing software

  1. When installing software a User Access Control dialogue box will appear. Log in with your normal University credentials.

Removing temporary access Rights

  1. After one hour admin rights will be revoked.
  2. Open CloudPaging player, select Temporary Admin rights, select Remove and finally select Yes to remove the service.

If you feel that temporary admin rights do not fulfil your needs please contact the IS Service Desk on 023 9284 7777 or to discuss your requirements.

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