There are three options available in the "Personalisation" settings to customise the desktop:

  • Picture
  • Colour
  • Slideshow

Customising the Desktop (wallpaper)

Displaying an image

  1. Select the Start Menu, select the Settings icon. The settings icon in the Start Meny highlighted
  2. The Windows Settings dialogue box will appear,select Personalisation. Personalisation highlighted in the Windows Settings
  3. The Background Settings window will appear.
  4. Select Picture from the Background dropdown menu. Background selected from the Personalisation choices
  5. Either choose the picture you would like to display from the thumbnails or select Browse to upload an image of your choice.
  6. Select an option from the Choose a fit drop down menu. The choices are Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile, Centre, Span. The background preview at the top of the window will change accordingly.
Background settings with Picture selected as a background

Displaying a colour background

  1. Select Solid Colour from the Background dropdown menu. Background settings with Solid colour selected as a background
  2. Select a colour by clicking on a swatch or Select the + icon to create a custom colour.
Colour choice window
  1. Display a Slide show by selecting Slideshow from the dropdown menu. Background settings with Slideshow selected as a background
  2. Select Browse and navigate to the folder you have stored the images for the slideshow. A folder full with the pictures for the slideshow
  3. Select Choose this folder.
  4. Choose desired options for the how the slideshow is displayed:
  • Change picture every - select a time interval from the dropdown menu
  • Shuffle
  • Allow slide show when on battery power
  • Choose a fit

The Lock Screen in Windows 10 is not available for editing.

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