This article provides instructions on how to customise the Windows 10 desktop.

There are three options available in the "Personalisation" settings to customise the desktop:

  • Picture
  • Colour
  • Slideshow 

Customising the Desktop (wallpaper) 

Displaying an image

1  Select the Start Menu, select the Settings icon.


2  On the Windows Setting dialogue box select "Personalisation".


3  The Background Window will appear.

4  Select "Picture" from the Background dropdown menu.


5  Either choose the picture you would like to display from the thumbnails or  select "Browse" to upload an image of your choice.

6  Select an option from the "Choose a fit" drop down menu.  The choices are Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile, Centre, Span. The background preview at the top of the window will change accordingly.


Displaying a colour background

1  Select Solid Colour from the Background dropdown menu.


2  Select a colour by clicking on the swatch or Select the + icon to create a custom colour.


Display a slideshow

1  Display a Slide show by selecting Slideshow from the dropdown menu.


2  Select Browse and navigate to the folder you have stored the images for the slideshow.


3  Select "Choose this folder".

4  Choose desired options for the how the slideshow is displayed:

  • Change picture every - select a time interval from the dropdown menu
  • Shuffle
  • Allow slide show when on battery power
  • Choose a fit

The Lock Screen  in Windows 10 is not available for editing.

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