The article provides instructions on how to add a printer in Windows 10.

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Adding a Printer in Windows 10 

1 On your desktop locate the "Install a Printer" icon, double click to start the process.


2 The "Devices and Printers" window will be displayed. Select "Add a printer" which can be found towards the top of the window.

3 The "Add a Device" dialogue box will appear, listing available printers.  Scroll through to locate the printer you require.  If the printer is not shown, please see Searching for a Printer instructions below.


Double click on the printer you want to use and select Finish.

5 The printer will now be displayed in the "Devices and Printer" dialogue box.

Searching for a printer in Windows 10

You may need to search for a printer if it is not listed in the "Add a Device" dialogue box.

1 Select the blue link "The printer that I want isn’t listed" in the "Add a device" dialogue box and select Next.



2 The "Add Printer" dialogue box will open, select the second option "Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature", then select "Next".


3 The "Find Printers" dialogue box will appear:

  • In the Name field type in a search term, the majority of printers can be found by searching for the building the printer is located in
  • The search term needs to start and end with an asterisk 
  • Select on Find Now to locate the printer 

Select "Find Now" to locate the printer.


4 The search results will be displayed:
  • Scroll to find the desired printer
  • Double click the printer name
  • The "Add Printer" dialogue box will appear, select Next
  • Ensure the "Set as Default" box is ticked then select Finish

Please see the table at the end of this article for suggested search terms based on locations



5 The printer will be displayed in the "Devices and Printers" dialogue box:
  • Check that it has a green tick next to it, this indicates it is the default printer
  • To make a printer default, right click the printer and select Set as Default 


 Search Terms to locate a printer


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