Opening a programme from the All Program List

  1. Select the Start icon which is located at the bottom left-hand corner of the Task Bar.
    Start menu button
  2. The Start Menu will be displayed. The All Program List is shown below.
    Start menu displayed and the All Programs list highlighted
  3. To locate a program from the "All Program List" scroll through the list. The list is divided up into three sections:
    1. Recently added programs
    2. Most used
    3. An alphabetical list of all programs
    The three sections discusses highlighted in the Start menu
  4. Some programs may be located in folders. To open a folder select the expander arrow.
    How a folder looks with the expander selected and without
  5. To open a program, select the program and single click.
  6. You can also right click a program, a list of recently opened documents will appear. To open a file, select the file name and single click to open.
    A list of the recently opened files

Opening a Program from the Tile Pane

  1. Select the Start Icon.
  2. Select a tile from the Task Pane. The program will open.
    The Tile Pane portion of the Start menu highlighted

Quick Search

  1. To locate a program using quick search, select the start Menu and start typing the name of a program. A text box will appear once you start typing. The best match will appear at the top of the menu.
  2. Select the program to open.
    Partially typed word and the results it gives in the Start menu

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