Lead. Inspire. Connect. Join the Welcome Ambassadors team and make a real difference to your student community.

This article explains the new Welcome Ambassadors role and programme – and how to apply to join the Welcome Ambassador team. Read more about the programme below.

Applications are now open for the next training event on Tuesday 1 May, 12-5pm in Nuffield Main Hall.

Applications close on 29 April, but places will be allocated on a first come first served basis so please apply as soon as possible. To apply please read this Job Description first then apply using this Application Form. For further queries please email: welcomeambassadors@port.ac.uk  


This exciting new programme has been set up with the aim of ensuring that every new student joining the University in 2018 feels welcome and welcomed. Every new student will be assigned to a ‘welcome group’ of around 15 other new students who they will meet as part of a closed online group during September and then with the option to meet up in person in the first few weeks of the term.

Each group will be facilitated by a Welcome Ambassador – a current student who has completed the leadership training and can make the commitment to an hour or two a week online facilitation during September and October, and arranging a welcome meet up for the group in the first or second week of term. The Welcome Ambassador team will also jointly run a social media activity designed to welcome all students.

This ambitious and exciting programme needs up to 250 current students who are looking to be part of something unique. All you need to be able to demonstrate is that you recognise some of the challenges of settling in as a new student and can bring your own experience with this to work as a team to plan a good welcome for new students.


Welcome Ambassadors will receive the following benefits:

  • Enjoyable participation in an intensive, hands-on training course providing leadership and team building skills, and all the practical tools you need to fulfil the role.
  • A certificate for completion of the training (which includes an online element), listing all the skills acquired.
  • Pride in representing the University while making a difference to the University experience for new fellow students.
  • Eligibility for a new UPSU Award, with a £250 prize, plus other vouchers and prizes based on the feedback given by the new students.
  • A HEAR entry listing the skills and experience you have acquired, plus a longer transcript which can be used on your CV and in job applications.


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