This article provides details about academic dress for Graduation 2018.


How can I book my academic dress?

Our official gowning company is J.Wippell Gown Hire Co Ltd. You can book your academic dress by visiting their website and selecting University of Portsmouth.


How will I know what gown and hood to get?

The website contains all the information you will need to select the correct gown and hood for your award.


What happens if I order the wrong gown or hood?

Don’t worry, Wippells always bring a huge selection of all awards and will be more than happy to ensure that you have the correct gown and hood on the day.


Can I book academic dress on the day?

It is advisable to book your academic dress in advance, however if you are unable to do this you can pay for this on the day when you arrive.

We suggest that you ensure that you arrive a little earlier if this is the case so that you do not feel rushed or at a disadvantage.

You will need to bring cash with you as this is the only acceptable form of payment on the day (there is a cashpoint machine at the UPSU building just across the road from where you collect your gown).


Is there a dress code for graduates?

Yes, this is a formal event and we would expect students to come dressed smartly (no jeans or tee-shirts, training shoes, etc.) and ready for staff to assist you in getting in to your gown and hood.


Can I buy a hat as a souvenir?

Yes, Wippells sell new mortar boards but they also have a number of pre-used mortar boards at reasonable prices for a souvenir.


Can I buy my academic dress?

Yes, you will need to liaise with Wippells to arrange for the purchase of your gown, hood and mortar board (bonnet).


Where do I collect my gown?

You will collect your gown from Spinnaker Sports Hall at the designated time prior to the start of your ceremony.


When can I collect my gown?

We normally open gown collection approximately 2 – 2.5 hours before the scheduled start time of your ceremony.

Please note that if you have not booked your gown you should arrive a little earlier than you would if you had booked in advance to ensure that you are processed and gowned in plenty of time.


Can I collect my gown and take it away to get dressed?

No, sorry. You will need to arrive at Spinnaker Sports Hall dressed appropriately for your ceremony. Colleagues will be on hand to assist you with the gowning process.


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