This article details the processes around attending Graduation in 2018.


When Am I Graduating?

You should have received a personalised email on February 20 2018 confirming the date and time of your ceremony. If you did not receive this email, please contact us by emailing so that we can check this for you.


Can I attend next year?

Students may not normally defer their graduation ceremony.

However, under exceptional circumstances we will consider a deferral, for no longer than one academic year.


What do I do if I want to defer?

You should email the current graduation address with your student ID, your full name and your reason for requesting a deferral.

All decisions for deferral are made by the Academic Registrar and are final.


Can I attend a different ceremony?

No, I’m sorry but attendance is based on either department or faculty and you will be invited to the scheduled ceremony for your department/faculty.


What happens if I don’t pass everything?

Undergraduate students who achieve 300 credits with, at least 60, at level 3 will be eligible to attend graduation.

If a student is accepting an “exit” award (an award lower than that on which they are registered) they will not be eligible to attend graduation.

Research students need to have submitted their final bound thesis by the 31 May in the year that graduation will take place in order to be eligible.


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