This article will provide information on the Student Attendance monitoring process.


Since January attendance at timetabled events has been recorded by scanning your Student Cards at card readers at the entrance of classrooms and lecture theatres. You need to carry your Student Card with you at all times to be able to do this.


Why is my attendance being monitored?

We want to make sure that you get the most out of your education and the time you have at the University and a large part of this involves attending your lectures and seminars. You might also remember that the Student Handbook has information on attendance and engagement which requires you to attend all learning and teaching sessions to ensure you are best placed to achieve your full potential.


How is my attendance monitored?

You will be able to register your attendance by scanning your Student Card on card readers installed at the entrance, or just inside, of teaching rooms and lecture theatres. Remember to bring your Student Card out and about with you so you can record your attendance at all teaching sessions that are on your timetable. If you are unable to attend your lecture, staff will record authorised absences.


What do I need to record my attendance?

Your Student Card. You’ll need to carry this around campus with you to make sure you don’t forget it as you will need it to register your attendance at every teaching session on your timetable. 


How do I use the card reader?

To use the card reader all you need to do is tap your Student Card against it when the blue light is showing. The blue light means that registration is open for you to scan your card.


If the green light flashes, then your attendance has been recorded.


If the red light flashes, then your attendance has not been recorded which means you are not on the class list. (you should check that you are in the right place for your lecture!)


When can I scan my card and what happens if I am a bit late?

You will be able to scan your card 30 minutes before the timetabled session begins until the finish time of the event. So if your lecture is timetabled from 9.00am-10.00am you will be able to scan your card between 8.30am and 10.00am.


What if I’ve forgotten my Student Card?

You will be marked as absent for the session but don’t panic! Speak to your department or school’s administrative office, or follow guidance previously given to you to see if anything can be done about your attendance for that session. 

For students local to Anglesea Building we are conducting a trial where you can pick up a temporary card from the admin office, which you can use in place of your official Student Card. The temporary card will be deactivated as soon as you resume scanning your official Student Card, and you should then return it back to the admin office. (Please do return the temporary cards if you want this service to remain free).

What if I’ve lost my Student Card?

You will need to purchase a replacement from the IT Support Centre next to the Students’ Union. You can also do this online by filling out this form.


What if I am sick or can’t attend for some reason?

If you’re unwell or unable to attend a session on your timetable, let your Department Administrative Office know as soon as possible.


What happens if I swap a teaching event in my timetable on a one off occasion?

You’ll need to to make sure you have an authorised absence for the event that you are no longer attending and a member of staff will update your attendance record. 


What happens if I attend a different teaching session to that indicated on my timetable as a permanent change?

You should only be attending sessions that are on your timetable but if you need to swap to an alternative group make sure you discuss this with your unit lecturer who will be able to help request this change. Once this is approved it will appear on your timetable and you will be able to register your attendance at these sessions with no problem.


What happens if there is a last minute room change on my timetabled event?

The attendance monitoring system may not pick up a last minute change in your timetable as it will be expecting you to be in a different place or at a different time. Normally a lecturer will report this change and non-attendance wouldn’t be recorded. If you have been marked as not attending a session that was changed at short notice you can report this to your admin office. 


What happens if I don’t scan my Student Card?

Your attendance won’t be registered if you don’t scan your card so you will need to remember to bring it with you. If you have forgotten your card or need a new one, see the answers to those questions above. If your attendance in teaching sessions are low and aren’t due to extenuating circumstances, this can lead to withdrawal from the University. 


If I’m going to be late can someone scan my card for me?

No. Please don’t ask your friends or anyone else to scan your card and register you for your teaching sessions as this is a disciplinary offence. If you’re going to be late, you can still scan your card when you arrive at the session. 


Will my old style card work as I see other students with new cards?

Yes your old style card will work the same as the new style card.


Are Distance Learning and placement students required to swipe into teaching events?

No, Distance Learning Students will be monitored by Moodle logins and coursework submissions.


As an MPhil/Phd student I do not have timetable events, am I still monitored?

You won’t be monitored due to having no timetabled events. The new Policy

applies to all students on taught courses and distance learning leading to a University award, full time/part time from level 4-7 of the UK Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ).


Can I view my attendance data and check the data for accuracy?

Not at the moment but you will be able to see your attendance information via a ‘Dashboard’ facility once the new Policy is available for 2018/19. You can also ask your personal tutor to see your attendance data. 


What do I do if I disagree with the attendance data recorded for me?

Once the ‘Dashboard’ is in place and if you find an error there will be a form you can fill in to report the error.


Why has attendance monitoring been introduced?

The monitoring helps us to identify students who are potentially at risk of failing their course or withdrawing due to poor attendance or lack of engagement with their studies. We want to see students succeed and so this policy has been introduced to support student achievement and progression.


How will the information collected be processed?

It will be stored in the Student Attendance Monitoring System. The next stage will be for you to be able to view your own attendance records.  


Will all my teaching events be monitored?

At the moment Faculties have indicated Monitored Attendance sessions (MAS). Once the new policy is in place all teaching events will be monitored.


What student consultation has taken place?

The Student Attendance Monitoring and Engagement Board members include Sabbatical Officer - Vice President for Education and Democracy - Angel Layer.


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