This article will provide information on the Student Attendance monitoring process. 


Why is my attendance monitored?

As a registered student of the University, you are expected to attend all learning and teaching sessions.  Information on attendance and engagement is available in the Student Handbook, Academic Regulations section.

How is my attendance monitored?

Card readers have been installed at the entrance, or just inside, all timetabled University teaching rooms and lecture theatres.  You are expected to carry your Student Card at all times when on campus, and to use your card to record your attendance at all teaching events.

Your attendance will be recorded for all events on your timetable. Staff will record authorised absence.


How will the information collected be processed?

It will be stored in the Student Attendance Monitoring System. The next stage will be for students to view their own attendance records.  


What do I need to do to record my attendance?

Your Student Card. You must carry your Student Card at all times while you are on the University campus.  The card readers are located near the entrances of all teaching rooms and lecture theatres (either just inside or outside the room).

How does the card reader work?

The window for registering for an event starts 30 minutes before the timetabled start time and closes at the end of the timetabled event. The blue light indicates that registration is open for a timetabled event.

Touch your Student Card on the reader to record your attendance when entering the room.


If the green light flashes, then attendance has been recorded.


If the red light flashes, then you are not on the class list and your attendance has not been recorded
(Please double check that you are in the correct lecture)


What do I do if my Student Card isn’t working? Or if I’ve lost or forgotten my Student Card?

If your card is not working report this to your department/school administrative office.

If you lose your Student Card you will need to purchase a replacement from the IT Support Centre.

If you forget your card you will automatically be marked as absent.  


If I’m going to be late can someone scan my card for me?

No, it is a disciplinary offence to deliberately falsify attendance, for example, to record students who are not present or to give your card to someone else to use to register you. If you are going to be late, you can still scan your card when you arrive at the session.  


What happens if I don’t scan my Student Card?

You will be registered as not attending your sessions. Poor attendance and/or engagement in your studies, with no extenuating circumstances, may lead to your withdrawal from the University.


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