This article provides instructions on how to use WebEx to schedule a meeting in advance and is for Staff and Students.

WebEx can be used for conference audio/video calls. You can schedule meetings in advance or start meetings straight away, using a variety of different features.

Log in to WebEx

  • Go to:
  • Select Log in (top right hand corner)


 One off message for Microsoft Outlook

The first time you login to WebEx you will be prompted to install an outlook extension. Select  'Don’t show me again' unless you use Microsoft Outlook.  


Once logged in click the up arrow to display the toolbar.

Message for Chrome and Firefox 

When starting a meeting for the first time you will be prompted to install an extension to Chrome or Firefox, we would recommend that this extension is installed.

How to schedule a meeting

  •  Select ‘Schedule a Meeting’ from the list on the left hand side



  • Complete this section and select 'Schedule Meeting' to set the meeting up for the chosen date

  • You will see your meeting listed

You can now log out of WebEx until the beginning of the scheduled meeting.

Users will receive an email with a URL for them to select. The URL will connect the user to the meeting and you will receive an email confirming the meeting details eg day, time, password

Edit a meeting 

View your meetings by going to My Webex and then My Meetings. Here you should be able to select your meeting, once selected there is the option to Edit or Cancel the meeting. If you Edit the meeting you change the date, time, and add or remove attendees.

Invite and Remind

You can invite extra users or remind people by clicking on the 'Invite & Remind' button shown below.

Enter full email addresses and separate with commas.

Once users have joined the meeting you will see them listed in the top right hand corner under Participants.


You can hold the meeting with just audio by selecting the ‘Connect to audio’ button shown below.



There is also the option of holding the meeting via video, for this you select ‘Start my Video’.

Share Screen

You can also share your screen using the Share Screen button. You can use this feature to show PowerPoint presentations or particular documents related to the meeting.


Whiteboard Feature

You can use the Whiteboard feature to allow all participants to view or/and take control and collaborate.

Record Feature

Select Record and Recorder to turn the function on.

Lock Room Feature

This feature can be used to stop participants joining the meeting late. Select ‘Lock Room’. This prevents any users with the URL connecting and interrupting the discussion.

For more information or training

Please visit to find a range of videos that cover all topics around WebEx alternately you can view the following articles on MyPort:

Supported browsers and systems can be found here.

If you are experiencing any issues, please contact the Service Desk on: 023 9284 7777 or e-mail:

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