WebEx Overview

WebEx can be used for conference audio/video calls. You can schedule meetings ahead of time and start meetings straight away with the use of a number of different features.

Other companies and institutions may use Skype as their tool for online meetings. You can access Skype through AppsAnywhere, but the University recommends WebEx, as you can use your university credentials with our site license and WebEx also offers a significantly wider range of features, for example:

  • Online Meetings (small to large groups)
  • Virtual Office Hours
  • Online Conference
  • Online Classroom
  • Collaborative Workshops
  • Online Interviews

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Examples of Use Cases:

Admissions Officer

A Staff member needs to organise a large number of interviews with individual candidates for course admission. They can use WebEx to schedule meetings ahead of time, using their university account and individually invite prospective students, who do not need a university account. These can be added to the calendars of the organiser and participants. The use of either audio or video is an option for the organiser and can be decided before hand or selected once the session has started. These sessions can also be recorded for the organiser .

Systems Trainer

The staff member needs to host an online training session for 25 participants. The staff member can schedule the session through WebEx and add participants. New participants can be invited at any point and also during the session. Interactive features can be used for sessions, for example:

  • A whiteboard can be set to collaborative¬†
  • Sharing of screens
  • The chat feature
  • The record function


An Ad-hoc meeting set up with a member of the team who is working in a different location. This is unplanned so the session can be started and the user invited to join immediately. This could be for a quick catch up, to go over progress on a particular piece of work or to collaborate with the use of the whiteboard feature.

For more information or training

Please visit Lynda.com to find a range of videos that cover all topics around WebEx. Alternately you can view the following articles on MyPort:

Schedule a meeting in advance

Start an unplanned meeting

Join a meeting or event using your browser

Downloading, Deleting and Restoring Webex Recordings

Supported browsers and systems can be found here

If you are experiencing any issues, please contact the Service Desk on: 023 9284 7777 or e-mail: servicedesk@port.ac.uk or using Chat support.

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