This article is aimed at Business Owners and Service Delivery Managers to complete the required steps for submitting an IS Service Enhancement Request (SER).

There is a separate article containing more detailed information about IS Enhancement requests and the associated process, please see here.

Overview of the process

An enhancement request is submitted via Service Desk Self Service Portal using the Business Owner Request form. This is assigned to the IS Service Delivery Manager (SDM) who will either accept a completed Service Enhancement Specification (SES) document or compile one with the Business Owner. The completed SES document is submitted to the relevant IS Development team by the SDM using Service Manager.

Please note that only Business Owners or delegated colleagues have access to the Business Owner Request form.

All queries should be directed to your Service Delivery Manager.

Benefits of the process

Detailed specification are required for a new or enhanced service to:

  • Ensure all involved have a good understanding of requirements in terms of the new or changed business process.
  • Ensure upfront agreement of test and go live dates.
  • Understand if other departments needs to be involved and co-ordinate this from early on.
  • Assure that the University requirements have been thought about in detail and have an agreed route via which to raise any concerns over the initial request.
  • Help avoid the scope of the initial request evolving into much longer and more complex development.
  • Help combine and/or prioritise work from different University departments with similar requirements or go live dates.

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