To download a copy of the service enhancement specification form, please click here.

This is a word form document which you will need to download from Google drive. Once downloaded you will be able to edit the form and save a copy.

What is an Enhancement Specification Document?

An enhancement specification is a detailed set of requirements for a new or enhanced system or application. It captures when and why the change is needed, who is involved, what benefits the change will bring and how it fits into the University’s processes. This will help each stakeholder to have the same clear view about the request being made and for the Developer of the change, it will provide clear consistent guidance as to what is required and the intended process into which it will fit.

Please see the more general article for details on how this document fits into the IS Enhancement Specification Process.

Example of completed specification documents

To see an example of a completed enhancement request click here.

The above is only an example to help you in filling out the form, and actual content will vary greatly depending on the request being made.

Completing the form



Specification Status Is this the final version or a draft version? Choose an item from the drop down list


Date this form was completed.

Service Desk request no

The Service Desk job number received after logging a Business Owner Request via self service (not mandatory to go back and include).

Customer ref (if applicable)

This applies where departments have a reference system for changes but is not mandatory.

Service Delivery Manager name

Name of the Service Delivery Manager for the system or department

Business Owner or Customer Contact name

The Business Owner or nominated person for this request.

Type of Request

Is it a request for a new service or a change to an existing one?Choose an item from the drop down list.

Who will be the users for the application(select all that apply) Select all of the users that apply from the tick box options given or select "not applicable" if there are no "users" (e.g., an interface between two systems).
Requested go live date Your preferred date to go live. This should always reflect a maintenance window where these are already scheduled for a system.
Latest Possible Go Live Date The final date by which this change would need to be live in order to meet business need effectively and bring about the benefits discussed later in the document.
Priority Choose a priority from the list. Essential must only be chosen where there is a legal or regulatory requirement for the change. Highly desirable should be chosen if the change will bring about major benefits for staff or students or both. Otherwise Desirable should be used where this will bring about efficiency changes or assist a department with an otherwise manual or arduous process.
Please provide a brief summary explanation of your requested change Describe the change briefly here - this is what you will cut and paste into the Business Owner request self service form when it is submitted.
Describe the business process that this request will support What is your current business process(es) that this request will facilitate and how will this change the process ? This will give the developing team more context about how this will be used/put into practice in a real life scenario.
List the business requirements of the enhancement or new service What does this request for an enhancement or new service need to do? What functionality do you need this to have ? What are the requirements for this request?
What are the business reasons for this request Why does the business need this change to be made - please state here the specific impact of NOT doing this e.g., "we will not be compliant with "state regulations/law" or "students will not be able to see their timetables next academic year".
What are the benefits expected as a result of making this change What can the business expect to gain from this change? If this includes efficiencies or cost savings please quantify this and be as specific as possible e.g., "this will save two members of course administration team at grade 5 4 weeks work inputting 5000 records at the start of term. This could also be quantified in terms of expected applications conversion increase or staff or student satisfaction/well-being.
Which aspect of University Strategy does this change support New Services and enhancement must somehow involve the university wide university strategy. How does this request relate to the university strategy. To find more information you can see more about the strategy here. If this is a legal or regulatory change you should state this here.
Are any other University Departments doing anything similar? Do you know if anyone else in the university is doing anything similar? Choose an item from the drop down list.
Are any other University Departments involved in this change? It might be that other sections/departments should be consulted which may mean other Service Delivery Managers need to be consulted. Choose an item from the drop down list.
Are there any other University systems involved in this change? The change may require data from more that one University system eg Student Course Management system and Timetabling system. Choose an item from the drop down list.
Have any other Business Owners been consulted? Choose an item from the drop down list.
Preferred test period Indicate the time period within which the tester will be available to test the change - please also identify any time when that person will not be available e.g., Scheduled training or leave or other work commitments and indicate if there will be an alternative contact for those periods of time if applicable.
Is the person carrying out the testing the same as "staff member contact" above? Choose an item from the drop down list.
Preferred test environment (if applicable) Which database test environment would you prefer to use - say "tbc" or "no preferences" if you are unsure.
Please detail how this change will be tested and the test plan - attach a separate document if required How will you test this request, what tasks will you do to make sure that all your requirements have been met. What actions will you do to make sure it works as requested? How will you make sure this request performs the same in live. Attach a separate document if required - this should be based on the requirements.
Will other departments/systems be required in testing? Choose an item from the drop down list. If yes, have you or the SDM discussed this requirements with them and if not what are the plans for involving them?
Additional notes/information Use this space to put anything else you think relevant to the request but doesn’t fit in any of the other categories.

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