This article contains information for University staff only.

This article contains documents which explain specific business processes which use documents stored in the Electronic Document Management System (EDM).

The following process guides and videos have been designed to assist you in using the relevant documents in the EDM System.

Process Guides for Windows Users

[Login with University network userid and password if requested] Guides

External Examiners - Reports

External Examiners  - Approvals

PSD Approvals   (Program Specification Document - Approvals)

ASQER Reports

Contracts, Agreements, Certificates, Licences and Deeds

Student Files

Program Specification Document process - Video Guides for Windows Users

PSD Approval Process - Faculty Validation Officer ( Windows 7 )
PSD Approval Process - Course Leader Review
PSD Approval Process - Head of Department Review
PSD Approval Process - Course Leader amendment following rejection by the Head of Department
PSD Approval Process - Faculty Validation Officer Review
PSD Approval Process - Associate Dean Approval
PSD Approval Process - Course Leader review following rejection by the Associate Dean

Program Specification Document process - Video Guides for Mac Users

These videos are not role specific.
They show the general steps that a role may need to complete as part of the PSD approval process, as a result some details may differ depending on the role and stage of the process. 
The videos are recorded using the Firefox browser which is the current recommended browser for use with Macs. Please refer to the Mac instructions in the emails generated by objectivadmin for specific instructions for each role.


Open an Objective Reference -  This video demonstrates how to open an Objective reference as part of the PSD approval process on a Mac using Executive.

Turn Track Changes On & Off - This video demonstrates how to turn Track Changes on and off in Word for Mac 2011. 

This video is only relevant to these roles and stages:  Course Leaders - Turn track changes on only  ; AD(A)s - Turn track changes off only 

Complete a Review  - This video demonstrates how to complete a review as part of the PSD approval process on a Mac using Executive.

User Guides are also available which give guidance on specific tasks and topic for EDM users.

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