This article contains information for University staff only.

This article provides information on the training available for the University email package, including the course profiles for Google Mail Essentials, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Forms and a link to the current schedule.

Google Mail and Calendar applications are now used by all University Staff, this includes Email, Contacts, Hangouts, Calendar and Reminders.

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If you need general assistance with anything to do with google apps, please check the G Suite Learning Centre website first for the most up to date information.


IT Training provide the following classroom training:

Google Mail Essentials: this session is designed to provide an in depth understanding of the functionality of Google Mail. It includes using labels to effectively manage mail, searching, filters, contacts and settings(e.g. signature, out of office and other optional features).

Google Calendar: this covers calendar functions such as creating an event, sharing calendars, multiple calendars and settings.

Google Drive Part 1 - Introduction to Drive, Collaboration, Sharing & Documents: this course is for anyone with a staff Google Apps account that wishes to begin using Google Drive.

Google Drive Part 2 - Introduction to Documents, Presentations, Sheets & Forms; this course follows on from Introduction to Google Drive and looks at the apps available so you can use all of the sharing and collaboration features with spreadsheets, presentations and forms, as well as documents

Google Forms - Creating and Using Google Forms: this course is for anyone with a staff Google Apps account that wishes to being using Google Forms.

Booking procedure

To view the Google training events click the Training Schedule.

Please email with your preferred date and time and we will confirm your booking via email.

If you have any special requirements associated with your attendance at this event, please contact IT Training as soon as possible so we can make appropriate arrangements.

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