You can either have SPSS installed onto your machine to use without internet connection or you can now launch SPSS directly from, an article on how to use AppsAnywhere here.

Online installation instructions

  1. Visit AppsAnywhere and search for SPSS
  2. Locate SPSS Statistics 24 and launch application
  3. The application will virtualise in cloudpaging player

As long as you have internet connection and VPN you can use SPSS without installing onto your machine.

Offline Installation Instructions

  1. Visit AppsAnywhere and search for SPSS
  2. Locate SPSS Statistics 24 for Home Use and click Download make note of the Activation code in the application description
  3. Once download is completed please open the SPSS installer
  4. Run the installer to install SPSS onto your machine
  5. The Licence type you must select the "Authorized user licence" option use the code you got from AppsAnywhere
  6. Read and Accept the Licence terms
  7. Enter Your Name in User name and University of Portsmouth in Organisation
  8. After installation the Product Authorisation Window will display
  9. Select Licence my product now option. To activate the product, make sure you have an internet connection, and then enter the Activation code from the app description in AppsAnywhere
  10. It will activate over the internet. If successful you will get an Authorisation succeeded and a string of capital Letters and numbers
  11. The screen should show all the features that are licenced

Error with Installation

If when you run SPSS you get an error saying that the application failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect then you may need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable from AppsAnywhere.

Licence Renewal for Existing Users

If you need to renew an existing licence because it has expired, then run the Launch Licence Authorisation Wizard detailed above. Type in the current Activation code (from AppsAnywhere).

If you need assistance with installing SPSS or you have encounted issues following these instructions please contact IT support.

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