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Course Title:

Using Executive to access EDM from a web browser on any device.

Course Code:


Course Duration:

1.5 hours

Course Aims:

The session will explore the functionality of the Objective Executive tool which gives access to EDM via a web browser, useful for working off-site or on devices that don't have Objective Navigator installed.

Course Pre-requisites

Participants should be existing EDM users with a basic understanding of the EDM. Participants should have previously attended the EDM04 Essentials Course.

Course Objectives

Participants will use the tool to navigate the EDM folder structure, view documents and folders, add new documents, search for items in EDM and use e-mail to send references to documents.

By the end of the course the user should be:

  1. Competent in accessing and navigating the EDM system via Objective Executive
  2. Able to open documents to view
  3. Familiar with how to Add/Import documents into EDM via the Executive interface
  4. Able to edit existing documents in EDM
  5. Competent with the creation and use of favourites and their relationship with Aliases and the Handy Folder
  6. E-mailing EDM document references
  7. Familiar with document properties shown in Executive
  8. Competent with the use of the text search facility

Use this link to view the Guide to Using Executive

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