This article describes the steps required to gain access to the Microsoft Imagine Academy e-learning portal for the first time.

For guidance on using the e-learning portal select this link : Using the Microsoft Imagine Academy

Microsoft Imagine Academy e-Learning

The University subscribes to the Microsoft Imagine Academy which provides all students and staff with access to self-service e-learning courses covering a wide range of Microsoft software products including Microsoft Office, Windows desktop operating systems, Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server and many more. The courses are provided through an online e-learning portal which can be accessed via a web-browser at any location (on campus, at home etc).

Access to the e-Learning Portal

In order to access the Microsoft Imagine Academy e-learning portal you will need to follow the three steps which are explained below:

Important Note: You must be a member of the University of Portsmouth to be eligible to use the Microsoft Imagine Academy.

Users accessing the University's Imagine Academy portal with any account other than a University Office 365 account will have their Imagine Academy account inactivated and will lose any record of progress or achievements. 

Step 1. Get an Office 365 account

Access to the Imagine Academy is provided via a University of Portsmouth Office 365 account.  If you have already set up your Office 365 account then skip to Step 2.

  1. Go to Office 365 WebStore
  2. Login with your University userid and password
  3. Select ‘Office 365 ProPlus’


  4. Select ‘Add to cart’
  5. Select ‘Check Out’
  6. At this point you new account will be generated and you will see your new Office 365 User Name and your temporary password (which must be changed when you first login).

  7. You have completed the initial setup of your Office 365 account. 

    (Only use the ‘Get Office 365’ button if you wish to access Office 365 or download Microsoft Office 2013. Further guidance on University Office 365 accounts is available in MyPort article 2516.)

Step 2. Login to the Microsoft Imagine Academy

  • The Microsoft Imagine Academy e-Learning portal can be accessed at: 
    • Select ‘Sign In’
    • Select ‘Office 365 account’
    • Sign in with your University Office 365 user name and password.
  • If you haven’t already logged in to Office 365 you will be prompted to change your password.
  • When prompted to enter your access code click where indicated in the ‘click here to redeem’ message.

  • If the enrolment code is not pre-populated then enter the code below followed by your University e-mail address


  • Review the Terms of Use statement, select ‘I Accept’ and then ‘Continue’.

  • You will need to complete your profile information and 'Save'. 
    Please ensure you enter your University e-mail account for communications and select your preferred language.

You will then be taken to the 'Dashboard' page which gives access to courses via the 'Catalog' link.

Using the e-Learning Portal

For guidance on using the Microsoft Imagine Academy e-learning portal select this link : Using the Microsoft Imagine Academy

Note: The Microsoft IT Academy was rebranded as the Microsoft Imagine Academy in 2016.

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