This article will provide an introduction and useful links on setting up the Google+ tool that comes with a University of Portsmouth Google Apps for Education account.

Some people will think of Google+ as a social networking tool, similar to Facebook or Twitter and some may be resistant to using what is seen as a 'social' tool at work. As it comes with a University of Portsmouth Google Apps account, the potential for professional use of Google+ is being increasingly explored. You can share links, videos, pictures and other content with people who share your interests. Examples of UOP communities are:

Google+ uses Collections to group posts by topic and make it easier to share content with people and uses Communities to facilitiate the sharing of the content.

Google+ does this by:

  • Allowing you to choose who can see and join your community
  • Allowing you to remove people from your community
  • You can also join communities and see what people have posted to the community in your team

In summary, you follow a collection and join a community.

The  Google+ Help Centre  will be very useful. 

UoP Google+ is part of your University Google Apps for Education account and so when creating content don't forget your responsibilities under the following:

  • ICT acceptable use policy
  • Data protection policy
  • Retention policy & schedules (where content constitutes a University Record)
  • Freedom of Information pages

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