This article contains information for University staff only.

This article will outline the steps that need to be taken for any staff using a ‘shared’ Windows 7 laptop.

Before using a shared Windows 7 laptop as a member of staff it is important to follow these instructions to make sure the applications you want to use are available. Any user logging onto a shared laptop will need a standard University of Portsmouth username and password. Even if the laptop has been used previously by the member of staff, these instructions should be followed to make sure required applications are available.

  1. Use the mains power pack and plug the laptop in. The laptop should be connected to the network using a standard network cable (the type that goes into the back of a desktop PC) or use the University's wireless network (eduroam).
  2. Turn on the laptop, wait for the login screen and login with a standard University username and password. Any PhD students must login to the laptop with a staff account; using a student account will mean all applications are lost when logging off.
  3. Once logged on make sure all the required applications are launched through AppsAnywhere
  4. These applications will ‘stream’ to the laptop; to check that this has completed open the Application Jukebox Player, either through the ‘start’ menu and ‘programs’ or from the ‘system tray’ on the bottom right of the screen (see AppsAnywhere article for further guidance). If the application is available it will have a status of ‘ready’ or ‘running.’
  5. In Application Jukebox, highlight each of the required applications in turn. The panel on the right will show how much ‘offline’ time there is remaining. If the licence shows as ‘fixed’ the application will subsequently be available without needing to be connected to the University network.
  6. If an application’s licence is showing as ‘floating’ this will only be available while connected to the University network.
  7. Follow the Information Security Advisory for Shared Laptop's - Staff
  8. If you have any issues please contact Service Desk on 7777 or

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