This article covers some workarounds for wireless issues with Windows 8 / 8.1 laptops connecting to the University’s wireless network, Eduroam.


It is recommended that iOS version 8.1 is installed on your device, this solves known wireless issues with previous versions of iOS.

Apple OS Yosemite

Currently a known wireless issue with Yosemite 10.10 causing network dropouts. Future Apple updates should resolve this issue.

To check your chipset, go to Device Manager: Network Adapters: Wireless 

Intel driver 7260

If your laptop has an INTEL 7260 chipset you will need to install the latest driver in order to connect to Eduroam.

The drivers can be downloaded using the links below. Select the appropriate link for your operating system:

IS have also tested the following alternative wireless adapter which works well with enterprise level wireless networks and can be purchased, for less than £10, from good high street/on line retailers: Edimax EW-7811UN 150Mbps Wireless Nano USB Adapter

Intel Centrino N2230 and similar chipsets

IS recommends this workaround. As stated previously, this isn’t a local issue and there won't be a fix until Microsoft provide a working driver set for windows 8.x, Intel Centrino N chipsets and WPA2 Enterprise Wireless.


click on the 16.5.3 version download link.

On a working network connection download Wireless_16.5.3_e164.exe and save onto a USB stick if required.

Run the program on the laptop to be fixed

Click 'Yes' at the UAC prompt

Check the EULA box and

Click on Upgrade (Recommended)

After a few minutes the installation will finish and will require a reboot.

After the reboot, go into Device Manager

Expand Network adapters

Right click on the wireless adapter and select 'Properties'

Click on the 'Driver' tab

Click on 'Update Driver'

Click on 'Browse my computer for driver software'

Click on 'Let me pick from a list etc'

This list will contain two or more Intel drivers, with possibly a Microsoft one at the bottom.

Select the TOP Intel driver and click 'Next'

After the device driver has installed, click on 'Close' twice to get back to the Device Manager list.

This will update a couple of times, after which you can try to connect to Eduroam, using (NOT myport) and usual password, should it require authentication.

If the login attempt appears to hang after 30 seconds, reboot the laptop and try again.
If you are unsure, please visit the Student IT Help Centre, Monday to Friday, 10:00-16:00 (term time only) or an IT Help Desk in any of the Open Access IT Suites for help.

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