The Unit Coordinator will make feedback available within 20 working days of the submission deadline or the date of the examination except for distance learning, where feedback will be made available within 25 working days. If feedback is unexpectedly delayed, the Unit Coordinator must inform students of the reason(s) and the date on which they will receive the feedback.

If you submitted your assignment through Moodle then it is likely that your feedback will be available there also unless your lecturer has advised you otherwise. You can usually find such feedback by returning to the Moodle unit in which you made your submission and locating the activity that you completed.

Feedback for some types of assignment will also be available to view on your smartphone by downloading the MyFeedback App and logging in with your standard username and password. This tool is quite handy as it will display all of your provisional marks in one place.

Note: all marks are provisional until ratified by a Unit Assessment Board, usually held at the end of the Academic year.

Please refer to the section on Marking and Feedback within the Examination and Assessment Regulations for further details.

Your lecturer should be your first point of contact for queries about your assignment feedback.

You can also familiarise yourself with Understanding a Turnitin Originality Report article in the related articles box below. 


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