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The sound levels in our teaching rooms are set to the optimum levels for the size and layout of each room.

Checks Detail
Volume on the control panel
  • Check that the volume on the control panel is not muted
  • Set an appropriate volume by pressing the Vol+/Vol- button on the control panel.
Source volume
  • For example if you are streaming a YouTube video ensure the volume on the player is at an appropriate level.
PC Volume
  • Check that the volume on the PC is not muted and set at an appropriate level.
Ensure Laptop Audio Cable is plugged in
  • To play audio you will need to plug in an audio cable
  • The cable may be attached to the VGA cable. If connecting a laptop to the AV system via a HDMI cable, audio is transferred via the HDMI cable. Please note that Information Services do not supply HDMI cables.
  • If there is not an audio cable in a room please notify service desk.
Laptop Volume
  • Check that the volume on the laptop is not muted and is set at an appropriate level.
For playing DVDs/Bluray
  • The audio is set to optimum levels at installation, therefore check volume on the control panel (see above).
Source quality
  • If the volume of the source being played is low this can affect the audio volume in the room.

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