This article provides information on using the IS Self Service, including details about how to access it and authorising Requests.

Note: Please see the 'My Authorisations' section for instructions on how to authorise or reject a request.

IS Self Service allows staff and students to efficiently request services (such ordering a new mobile phone, making a software request)as well as report faults. You will also have the ability to check on requests or incidents currently logged with IS. Staff may also authorise requests through Self Service.

The content available to each user will differ for example: all members of staff can request data port access, however only select staff members will be able to request accounts for new starters.

The number of available services in IS Self Service will continue to grow allowing giving you more flexibility.

How to access the IS Self Service

IS Self Service is available by visiting:

You may be asked to login at this point: Enter your University Username (for example BloggsJ or UP123456) and Password and click 'Sign In'.

This page is available both on and off campus. If you are already logged in on campus on the University network you may not have log in again - we have enabled this feature to make it easier for you to use the service.

Navigating the IS Self Service page


This will bring you back to the home screen from any other section of the IS Self Service page.

Self Service

Request Support

This section allows users to view and request different services. These services are organised into categories which can be expanded by clicking on them, revealing the services available.

From here you can click 'More Info' to learn more about the service and what it can provide for you. Click 'Raise Request' to begin.


My Requests

This section allows you to view the status or update calls already raised with IS. The calls are shown in chronological order with the newest appearing at the top. You can amend the order by selecting on one of the column headers if you wish.

Click on the request or incident you wish to view or update and click 'Diary' to see the history of the call, including any progress updates IS have made. 'Attachments' will allow you view any files currently attached to the call.

If you wish to attach a file or make an update to the call, click on 'Update Request'. Here you can enter an update message in the 'Update Request' box and click 'Click here to submit this update', you can also attach a file using the 'Choose file' button just above.

My Authorisations

This section allows staff to authorise requests such as service requests and change requests.

This will mainly be used by Line Managers to authorise requests from staff for services such as 'Admin Rights' and 'New Delegate Email Account' requests.

You will be notified by Email when you are required to authorise a request, once logged into the IS Self Service you will also see the 'keys' icon in the top right-hand corner:

Please see below for instructions on how to authorise requests:

1. Visit and login if required.

2. Click on 'My Authorisations' or the 'keys' icon in the top right hand corner to open the 'Authorise Requests' window. This will show all the current requests which require your attention, select the request you wish to authorise.

Self Service

3. If you click on the 'Diary' tab along the top you will see more information on what you are required to authorise, for example 'Your Admin Rights request is now awaiting authorisation from your Line Manager'.

Self Service

To read more into a Diary Entry simply click on it, then click 'Close' to return back to the request:

Self Service

4. Click on the 'Authorisation Decision' tab along the top. Select either 'Authorised' or 'Rejected' from the drop down menu shown below, enter a comment in the box (this is optional) and then select 'Click here to submit this decision'.

5. A message will appear to confirm your decision, you may then click 'Close' to return to the IS Self Service.

You will have then successfully authorised or rejected a request and are free to close the web page.

Chat Support

This section allows students and staff access to chat with the IS Service Desk. This feature can be used to ask about IT Queries, to get help with a particular incident or to raise a request if required. The analyst can escalate the chat support to a full remote control session if you require to help you resolve your issue, but only if you allow them to do so.

Chat Support gives you the ability to raise and chase requests without have to email and call the Service Desk directly. This feature is only available Mon - Thu 8:30 - 17:00 and Fri 8:30 -16:30.

Chat SupportChat Support


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