In order to install the Google apps device policy:

  • Open the Google Play store
  • Tap the magnifying glass
  • Enter Google Apps Device Policy
  • Select the Google Apps Device PolicyDevice policy icon
  • Tap Install, then, Open
  • Tap Next then Activate
  • You will be asked to sign in with a google account, please use your staff email account e.g.
  • You are then shown the Domain Policy screen then choose enforce on the next screen Policy details Enforcement screen
  • The device will ask you to comply with security standards, if there is no pin or password on your device currently it will ask you to create one.
  • Press the home button to return to the main screen
  • Your Google Apps account will now sync (this may take a few minutes)

Google apps device policy

The University has a duty to protect its data. The Google Apps Device Policy supports this requirement by setting minimum device security.

If you wish to use native apps on your Android Device to access your University Google Apps account, you will be required to agree to and install the Google Apps Device Policy.

The Google Apps Device Policy sets policies on your Android device that protect it should it get lost or stolen.

This application gives you, the user, the ability to remotely:

  • Reset PIN
  • Ring Device
  • Lock Device
  • Locate your device
  • Wipe your device

Additionally, this application allows the University to:

  • Require that you have a PIN or password on your device.
  • Require a screen lock for idle timeout on your mobile device.
  • Wipe a lost or stolen device.

Further information on how you can use these features can be found at the Google Apps Help Page.

Failure to install the app could block your mail, calendar, and contacts from syncing with your devices native apps. If you choose not to accept to install this policy, you can still access your Google Apps via the devices browser as normal.
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