Setup your subscription

Follow these instructions to setup the subscription to your student timetable:

  1. Open your 'My Timetable' page in a browser (you may need be prompted to login to your UoP Google account):
  2. Click on the Add to Google Calendar button located above the calendar or list of events.
  3. Read the guidance provided on screen and then click the Add to Google Calendar button.
  4. A new window will open and navigate to Google Calendar with a message asking if you want to add 'UoP Timetable' to your Google calendar. Select Yes, add this calendar

Your student timetable can now be viewed within your Google calendar.

Make sure the 'UoP Timetable' calendar is selected in the list of calendars in order to view events in the main calendar screen.

You may need to sync the calendar for it to show as an available 'Other Calendar'.  See here and ensure that you tick the 'UoP Timetable' calendar.   

Viewing your timetable on a mobile device

Your subscribed timetable can be viewed on your mobile device using your Google account. Follow the instructions in Google's help documentation in order to setup your Google account on your phone or tablet:

Information Services do not support direct subscriptions to the UoP Timetable calendar or importing of events from the calendar.

If you are using a calendar app on your device, ensure that you have selected 'UoP Timetable' (listed under your UoP Google account) as a calendar to be displayed.


  • The calendar subscription service is a convenient way to view your timetable in a calendar but the 'My Timetable' page in MyPort is the primary source for timetable information.
  • The calendar subscription service can take between 24 and 48 hours to update if there are changes to your timetable.
  • These instructions will work directly from your smart device, but it may be easier to set up using a laptop or PC.
  • The timetable is published every year in MyPort, two weeks before the start of term for returning students and one week before term for new students. You can subscribe to your timetable one week before the start of term (during Freshers week) and thereafter during term time.

If after following these instructions you still cannot subscribe to your timetable please contact IT support.

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