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Standard Windows build users with administration rights are added to a policy that means they become as admin user whenever they log in to their PC

Mac users have a local admin account that can be used to authorise changes made to the computer whilst they are logged into a standard Mac

Laptop users do not need to apply for an admin account.


Administration rights may only be granted to University staff whose duties and responsibilities require administration rights.


Administration rights can make both the user, the computer and the network vulnerable to mal ware or unauthorised intrusion.

Mal ware can exploit admin rights - damaging files, changing system configurations, and even transmitting confidential data outside the network.


Administration rights are a privilege. Any person who breaches the trust granted through administration rights will immediately be withdrawn and/or have the associated computer disconnected from the University network.

You will be asked to sign a disclaimer for the following responsibilities:

  1. You must not make changes on workstations not assigned to you personally unless authorised by the head of the department responsible for the workstation.
  2. You must not make changes to Student Open Access workstations under any circumstances.
  3. The installation of unauthorised and unlicensed applications is not allowed.
  4. You must conform to the End User license Agreement associated with any software you add. The EULA is a legal contract between the manufacturer and/or the author and the end user of an application. The EULA details how the software can and cannot be used and any restrictions that the manufacturer.
  5. You will ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to keep your workstation secure and free from viruses, trojans etc.
  6. You will be solely responsible for all files, data, applications or any other data stored on the workstation.
  7. Information Services will not backup any data on the workstation and it shall be your responsibility to ensure that adequate steps are taken to protect workstation data from loss, theft or damage.
  8. Information Services will provide only basic workstation troubleshooting assistance.
  9. If the workstation needs to be rebuilt, Information Services will install a standard base image. Information Services will not reinstall any applications or reconfigure the machine to its previous working state.
  10. The Director of Information Services may rescind your administrative rights if these terms are not complied with.

Information Services reserve the right to amend the conditions of this service as appropriate.

Applying for administrator rights

To request administrator rights please complete Admin Rights IS Self Service request.

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