This article contains information for University staff only.

This article contains the training needs analysis forms for Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Visio. These forms assist the user in identifying their training needs.

What are training needs analysis forms?

The training needs analysis forms below, are designed to aid the user in determining their learning and development needs. You may wish to use these forms as part of your annual Personal Development Review to assist you and your line manager in identifying any areas where further training or development may be required.

Please note completion of the Microsoft Visio Form will not result in classroom training but we will be able to identify on-line resources.

Completing the forms is part of the booking process. On receipt of the completed forms IT Training will complete your booking or contact you to discuss your training.

Completing the training needs analysis forms

Complete the live forms from the links below. The results will be received by IT training automatically

Your booking will not be completed until you have completed and submitted the forms.

Live Forms

Microsoft Word Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced skills.
Microsoft Excel Introduction, Intermediate and Advance skills.
Microsoft PowerPoint Getting started, slides and presentations, formatting and PowerPoint objects.
Microsoft Visio Basic drawing techniques, creating a basic flow diagram, basic network diagram and custom features.

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