This article contains links to the Eduroam wireless (wi-fi, or WiFi) configuration guides for various operating systems and mobile devices.

Wireless access is available in all the University's buildings and in over 70 other locations in the Portsmouth area. It can be accessed using a University username and password. To set up a device, please use the instructions below to connect to the wireless network.

Eduroam Wireless Network

The University is part of the eduroam community that allows people to connect to wireless whilst visiting other participating institutions. Staff and students can also access the eduroam network at over 70 other locations in the Portsmouth area.

Click here to learn more about eduroam.

Returning to the University (Windows Security Alert)

At the start of July 2014 the University wireless network was updated. If you are connecting to the network for the first time, on the same device, after this date, you may get a Windows Security Alert which gives two prompts, 'Terminate' or 'Connect.' Just click on 'Connect' when prompted and your device will recognise the new network certificate. If problems persist please contact the IS Service Desk on 7777.

Set up your device

Some of the following instructions contain an automatic setup, which can be used if you have an internet connection already on your device, for example 3G or if you are at home. After the automatic setup instructions there are guides for connecting to eduroam manually.

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