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When working away from the University campus staff and students can access their N & K drives in the same way as they do when on campus if they first setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

This article provides instructions on setting up VPN: Setting up the VPN for remote access on Windows.
Note:The connection to N and K drives will fail at startup if you are working remotely and the VPN is not connected.

Accessing N and K drives

'Network Drives' desktop app

Staff with a University laptop can use the ‘Network Drives’ application on the Desktop to connect or reconnect the N and K drives.

Manual setup

N and K drives can be accessed by using the built-in ‘Map Network Drive’ function in Windows Explorer.

Follow the steps below to setup connections to your N and K drives:

  1. Identify your N and K drive addresses:
    • N Drive
      Use the ‘Find my N Drive’ tool to identify the folder address of your N drive.
      (Note: You need to have connected via the VPN to use this tool when off campus)
    • K Drive
      Use the address '\\sp1\public'.

  2. Map your drives
    - Follow this procedure for each drive -
    1. Open Windows Explorer
      (On Windows 10 open File Explorer)
    2. Select ‘Computer’ in the navigator pane on the left
      (On Windows 10 select 'This PC')
    3. Select ‘Map network drive’ in the tool/menu bar
      The location of the Map network drive icon in the menu bar
    4. Use the following entries:
      1. Drive: N: / K: (if available - otherwise select an available drive letter of your choice)
      2. Folder: enter the folder address identified above
      3. Tick Reconnect at logon
      4. Tick Connect using different credentials
      5. Select Finish
      6. The field addess populated and the appropriate tick boxes ticked
    5. You will be prompted to enter your University username and password. You must prefix your University username with ‘uni\ ‘ (e.g ‘uni\trainerg’):
    6. Tick Remember my credentials and select OK
    7. (This should ensure that the connections are setup automatically at future logins). Credentials typed into the appropriate fields

If after following these instructions you still cannot connect to N or/and K drive please contact IT support.

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