To log into your Google Apps account you will need to enter your computer account email address and password for example: or

You can access the login page from MyPort.

The Google mail landing page 

Your email address

You will have two email addresses that you can use to send and retrieve mail from within Google Mail - your basic email address, which is your, e.g. and a 'nickname' which is automatically assigned (from your student registration) as your, e.g.

Please remember you cannot use this 'nickname' to login to your Google account - you can only use your at the login screen.

You can keep your account for life! So you won’t have to transfer all your email and contacts when you leave.

Email is the main way in which the University will communicate with you, so it is important that you manage your email account. Check your emails daily and respond to any questions from the University within a reasonable time. Failure to do so may result in you missing valuable information.

Terms and conditions

Below are key areas of Google's terms and conditions that we'd like to draw your attention to. Full details are available at

NOTE: While you are a student at the University of Portsmouth, Google will not use your personal information to provide customised advertising. The advantage of Google applications for Higher Education is that you will not receive adverts whilst you are a registered student here.

All Google applications are hosted offsite and are covered by the Safe Harbour Agreement. For more information visit

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