This article contains information for University staff only.

This article gives instructions for installing and configuring the Google Drive application to enable staff to synchronise files in their Google Drive to a folder on their computer.

The Google Drive application will create a ‘Google Drive’ folder in ‘My Documents’ which can be accessed from a shortcut on the Desktop.

Any files you store in this folder will be uploaded to your Google Drive ‘cloud’ storage and any work or files you create in the Google Drive web application will be downloaded to the ‘Google Drive’ folder on your computer.

The Google drive application can be installed from Software Center. To learn how to install software from the Software Centre click here


  1. Once Google Drive has installed the following screen will appear.

    Select ‘Get Started’.

  2. You will be prompted to sign in to your Google Apps account.
  3. You will then see three screens which explain how the Google Drive application works.

    Select ‘Next’ on each screen after reading the information.

  4. If you would like to synchronize specific folders in Google Drive, select ‘Sync options’. If you want your entire Google Drive to be synchronized, select ‘Done’.
    PLEASE NOTE:If you choose to synchronise your entire Google Drive, a large volume of data may be downloaded onto your computer the first time the synchronisation runs. Subsequent synchronisation events will only upload and download new or changed files.
  5. If you selected ‘Sync Options’ the following screen will appear. You can click ‘Sync only these folders’ which will then allow you to tick specific folders and subfolders within Google Drive. You may want to choose this option if you have a large amount of files in Google Drive.

A desktop shortcut will be created on your desktop which can be used to access the Google Drive folder on your computer. Any files or folders created in the Google Drive folder will be synced to Google Drive on the web.

Any files or folders you delete from the local folder will also be deleted from Drive on the web.

The Google Drive application runs as a System Tray application. The application status and options can be accessed by clicking on the Drive icon in the system tray.



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