This article provides information on student cards, including main uses and an explanation of the information printed on it.

Student cards are issued to all students studying at the University of Portsmouth. Your student card has the following main uses:

  • Identification

    You are required to carry your student card at all times whilst on University premises and produce it when asked to do so by a member of staff. You may also need to present your student card when:-

    • Obtaining your student loan/LEA grant cheque
    • Sitting an examination
  • Attendance Monitoring

    You are required to scan your student card at all teaching and learning sessions, you can find out more details on the Student Attendance Monitoring Article.

  • Library

    Your card provides access to the library, you can find more details about library facilities at

  • Distance Learners

    Your student card is required for access to the Distance Learning Support Service for books, scans, and inter-library loans. This card also provides the necessary official identification if you wish to use other university libraries in the UK through SCONUL Access. More information about SCONUL Access is found here

  • Sport & Recreation

    Your card allows you to use Sports & Recreation facilities. (If you choose to join and pay the fee) more information about the facilities can be found at

  • IT suites

    Allows you to gain access to the IT Open Access areas and obtain loan laptops etc. More information can be found in the 'Access to a University PC (open access area) article.

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