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The University student printers use a system called 'Pull-Printing'.
Your print is held in a queue, for 24 hours, until you swipe your student card over the card reader on the printer, which releases your prints to that printer. This will print everything you have waiting in the queue, so be sure to cancel any prints you do not want at under jobs pending release. You must also make sure you have enough credit to print all you have in the queue, or it will not be released.

You can release your prints on ANY student printer across campus, which has a card reader, so long as it was sent to either the Student-B&W or Student-Colour queues, no matter where you sent the print from.

What if I don't have my card or my card doesn't work?

You can still print even if you do not have your card or if there is a problem with your card. Login to and select Jobs Pending Release, this is where you can also cancel unwanted prints. Next to the item you require, click Print. A long list of print queues will appear, select the one which you want to send your print to.

Alternatively you can go to an IT Help Advisor at one of the IT Help desks in our Open Access IT Suites and they can release the print for you.

Printing from your own device

Use Web Print to print from any of your own devices with access to the University network, Eduroam. Use a web browser to log in to and select Web Print.

Large Format Printing

To print to the Large Format printers, you will need to chose the queue 'student-large-format', which is an option on all students PCs. You then need to visit an IT Helper in the Library Open Access IT Suite, and they will then release your Large Format printing

Click here to find out more about large format printing.

Printer locations

Student B&W and Colour printers:

  • Anglesea Print Room (0.26)
  • Eldon Digital Studios (1.125)
  • Library Open Access IT Suite
  • Park (0.15)
  • Portland Open Access IT Suite
  • Richmond Open Access IT Suite
  • Liongate (B&W Only)

Large format printers:

  • Library Open Access IT Suite


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