As a student you can borrow a University laptop with Microsoft Office software, internet browser and printers installed, for up to 12 hours. The laptop lockers are located in:

  • Library Open Access area (Ground floor) - 410 Laptops
  • Richmond building floor One - 20 Laptops
  • Portland building floor One - 60 Laptops
  • Portland building floor Two - 60 Laptops
  • Park building basement - 40 Laptops
  • King Henry building foyer - 20 Laptops
  • Anglesea building cafe - 30 Laptops
  • Liongate Open Access area - 20 Laptops
  • Eldon building floor two - 30 Laptops
  • St. Michael's building floor one - 10 Laptops
  • Student Union Third Space - 30 Laptops

Instructions for using the self issuing laptop lockers

Place your University card against the card reader on the locker. A locker door will open and you can take the laptop and a power supply.

Once you have finished with the device, turn it off and return to the same set of lockers, swipe your campus card over the card reader, then put the laptop and power unit back in the locker it came from. Make sure the laptop is not upside-down and the power cable inside the locker is plugged in to the laptop.

Terms and conditions

To be eligible to borrow one of the University owned laptops from the lockers provided in Open Access Areas, you must adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You must be a registered student at the University of Portsmouth.
  2. You must use your own University student card to borrow a laptop. Laptops cannot be issued against any other forms of identification, e.g. bank card or driving license.
  3. When returning the laptop, you should ensure it is inserted in the correct way so the system recognises it has been returned. An audible ‘beep’ can be heard when it is inserted the correct way.
  4. No laptop should be borrowed for more than 12 hours at a time.
  5. You must ensure you exercise all duty of care to prevent loss or damage during the period of your loan. Do not leave laptops unattended.
  6. You accept full responsibility for any loss or damage to the equipment caused by your negligence or improper use. Improper use includes not using the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's and/or the University's instructions, using the equipment for a purpose other than intended or allowing the equipment out of the your control and custody and failing to protect it from loss or damage.
  7. The laptop should not be removed from the building it is borrowed from.
  8. If a device is damaged during your loan period, you should report it to a member of IT staff.
  9. If you are unable to return a laptop to the lockers due to reasons beyond your control, you should return it to a member of IT or Library staff.
  10. In the event of loss due to theft, you must report the missing items as soon as possible to the IT Service Desk.
  11. Failure to return a laptop exceeding the loan time will result in the Police being contacted and the device being reported stolen, after reasonable attempts to contact you to try and recover the device.
  12. Repeatedly borrowing laptops longer than the loan period will result in access to all loan lockers being removed.
  13. Do not save any work to the laptop's hard drive. Save all work to either a USB pen/flash drive or to your network filestore (N: drive).
  14. If you borrow the supplied charging cable, you must return this along with the laptop.
  15. You must adhere to the University's regulations regarding computer use. Which can be found on the University’s website.
  16. In the event of a problem with the equipment during your loan period, please contact the IT Staff on the IT Help Desk in the area making it clear that the equipment is a loan item. Do NOT attempt to fix and hardware problems yourself as this could invalidate the warranty and leave you liable for damage/replacement costs.
  17. All equipment remains the property of The University of Portsmouth and The University of Portsmouth reserves the right to invoice you a "replacement fee" of £750 should the laptop be damaged or not returned within 7 days of the agreed loan period. Please note the replacement fee for Future Technology Centre Laptops is £1500.
  18. You cannot install software on the laptops.
  19. There is a limit of one laptop per student.

Should you require any assistance with the lockers, please visit the nearest IT Help desk, situated in the Open Access IT Areas or call the Service Desk on +44(0)23 9284 7777.

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