This article contains information for University staff only.

This article provides guidance on requesting a computer account for new members of staff, this will also allow you to request; telephone options, eRecords access and a university card. 

Only nominated members of staff are able to request staff accounts. Any changes to nominated account requesters will need to be submitted to the Service Desk from the Departmental Manager.

New starter form

The new starter form can be accessed by logging into the IS Self Service here.

Please ensure you follow this set of guidance instructions when requesting a new account:

  • Do not request an account if the member of staff has worked at the University previously as it is likely that the account has been suspended and can be reactivated - please contact Service Desk to check before submitting an application. Duplications of accounts mean the most suitable email address or username cannot be assigned. If you know an account will need to be reactivated, line mangers should contact Service Desk who can arrange for the account to be reinstated.
  • Do not request an account if the member of staff is currently employed by the University. The account can be moved to the new departmental location once the new post has been started - please contact Service Desk to arrange a move.
  • Ensure the information you submit is accurate. The account creation procedure is mostly automatic and therefore any incorrect information on submitted forms will appear on the final account. If you receive an account with incorrect information please contact the Service Desk to arrange correction.
  • Please only use capital letters where necessary. Due to the automatic processes involved, unnecessary capital letters may filter through to GoogleMail and cause issues with formatting.

Further information is available in the related articles Computer accounts for visitors and Change/recover your computer account password.

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