This article contains information for University staff only.

This article provides information on using and logging in to the Staff Portal, including, access and availability, support, looking up students, creating and managing distribution lists. 


Additional FAQs can be found under the following headings Emailing Students

Access, Support & General Questions

"What do I need in order to access the Staff Portal?"

To access the Staff Portal you need your University computer account details, your University card number and access to the Internet via a web browser.

"Can I access the Staff Portal from home?"

Yes, the University of Portsmouth Staff Portal is available wherever you have an Internet connection.

"Is the Staff Portal available at all times?"

We aim to provide access to the Staff Portal 24/7 throughout the year. In the event of an outage, due to essential maintenance, we will provide suitable advance notice.

"Does the Staff Portal have a "timeout"?"

Once you have logged into the Staff Portal, your session will expire (timeout) after 15 minutes of inactivity.

"What if I have a problem?"

Please contact the IS Service Desk to report faults.

Please have the following information available:

  • Time and date you experienced the problem
  • Full details of the problem encountered
  • Error messages you received (if any)
  • Type of Operating System (Windows, Apple Mac etc) and browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.)

"I can get into the Staff Portal, but I am not seeing the screens I would expect."

Every member of staff is assigned a view which determines what options they can see. The role assigned to you is visible in the top left of the screen, e.g. ‘U.P Link – Academic’, ‘U.P – Link – Administrative’.
If you believe you have the wrong view, or have any further questions, please email

"What do I do if the data looks wrong?"

The data displayed on the Portal is drawn from a wide variety of sources across the University, e.g. Student Records, the HR System, and the Timetabling System. Should you notice data that you believe to be incorrect, please contact your admin department in the first instance so that they can check the source system.

"How do I look up an individual student?"

Select the Student Search option under 'My Services' then enter the student’s reference number and select [Search]
The student’s portal will open, and their e-mail address will be displayed under the My Details tab.



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