This article offers guidance on paying your tuition fees, including support from others.

Once you register/ re-register online, a tuition fee invoice/payment plan will be generated and sent to your University email account and to your personal email, unless you have already paid your fees in full in advance. 

Please note, you will receive an official invoice from the email However if you have requested a pro-forma invoice, this will be from the email If you receive an invoice from any other email addresses, please refer these to


If you pay your tuition fees in full at the beginning of your course, you may claim a 2% prompt payment discount. You will receive an invoice by email shortly after your course start date. To claim your discount you should pay the net amount (ie. 98% of the invoice total) before the due date shown on your invoice. If you are unsure of the amount to pay, please contact the fees team at who will be able to confirm your fee for you or use the tuition fee calculator.

How to pay by credit/ debit card or Paypal

  • This is the most efficient way to pay, click here to go through to WebPay. Chose the ‘one off card’ payment option for immediate payment.

Instalment payments by Direct Debit Instruction or Recurring Card Payment Instruction

If you wish to pay by instalment you must set up an instruction. To set up a payment plan, please read the instructions below. The University instalment plan is 6 x monthly instalments from October to March. All instalment instructions are to be submitted to the University using the Webpay system.  If you choose this payment method and would like to pay Accommodation in the same way, please note that you will need to complete two mandates, one for each type.

  • You can register for a payment plan through Webpay by choosing either the credit/ debit card instalment or direct debit payment options depending on which you prefer. Click here for guidance on the Direct Debit Guarantee.
  • Do not enter any fee amounts on webpay as you are just setting up the plan.
  • Your payment plan will be sent to you (or the payer) by email following receipt of this instruction. This could take a few days.
  • When completing an instalment instruction, please note that clicking "Pay Now" at the end of the Webpay process does not take money from your account. This only happens if you have chosen the option to pay immediately.
  • Set up your instalment instruction on Webpay

Paying by bank transfer

  • All students

Please pay by the University of Portsmouth bank details available below.

Please ensure that your name and student ID number (if known) is quoted or entered on your payment. If you are paying by bank transfer, please also complete a Student Remittance Advice form and send this to

EU and International students, please see additional options below.

  • EU students and International students

Instead of bank transfer (above), you can choose to pay in your own currency on the Western Union website.

  • Students from China 

Instead of bank transfer (above), you can choose to pay via UnionPay. Western Union Business Solutions have partnered with China UnionPay to enable students of the University to make payment using their UnionPay card and account details.

To access this service click here, when selecting country option please ensure you select China UnionPay. You will then be given a link to the China UnionPay pages to make the payment in the confirmation email.

University of Portsmouth – Bank details for bank transfer


Bank Name and Address:

Barclays Bank plc.

Portsmouth City Branch

Portsdown Group

PO Box 6



Sort Code:


Account Number:


Account Name:

University of Portsmouth

Swift Code:


IBAN Code - Sterling current account

IBAN GB32 BARC 2069 3490 4751 57

If you have any queries, please contact us on: Tel: +44 (0) 23 9284 5533

Tuition fee sponsor payments, and payment of student invoices other than tuition or accommodation fees

If you are paying a student’s fees and have been issued with an invoice you will be asked to log in using your account number (found at the top left of your invoice). Payment can be made online 24 hours after date of issue of the invoice.

Students: Please note that only invoices for goods, services and Student finance loans will be displayed here and your account number is your student ID. Your Tuition and Accommodation invoices should be paid using the links on the previous page

To pay by credit/debit card click here

For more information about tuition fee sponsors, please see Sponsor paying my tuition fees - what I need to know article in the related articles box below.

American Funding

U.S. Federal Loans - American students may be eligible for a Federal Loan (see Am I eligible for American funding? And if so, how much? article in the related articles box below for more information).

When to pay by

Tuition fees are required to be paid or settled before the course start date, or on the due date of the tuition fee invoice. 

Tuition fees are ‘paid’ when the annual amount is paid in full. Tuition fees are ‘settled’ when the Student Loans Company confirm the award, or a Sponsor agrees to pay the fee by submitting a sponsor form (RE2), or when you set up a Direct Debit or recurring card payment mandate to pay your fees. 

The article 'Where can I find tuition fee policies and procedures' shown below provides detailed information on tuition fees and options available to meet this requirement. 

Halls fees payment

You can also pay your University Halls of residence fees through webpay. For information on how to pay your hall fees please see article: How to pay halls fees.

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